Scientific glassware
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      Our fields of activity and know-how

As the French leading manufacturer of glassware for oenological and dairy analysis laboratories, we work in close collaboration with the French customs and veterinary services with precision and passion to provide for companies in the food and agriculture industry.

In parallel with our traditional activity, we manufacture all types of standard or customised glass laboratory instruments, for companies of diverse and wide-ranging industries (oil, pharmaceutical, etc). All requests are processed quickly and carefully to ensure customers are provided for within the shortest possible delay.

We use many different techniques.

Beyond glassblowing, the expertise we have acquired for our core activities enables us to implement all glasswork techniques with precision and quality.

  engraving: targeted etching of a piece of glass using hydrofluoric acid
  calibration: determination of a volume using distilled water with conversion of the density according to the working temperatures or using mercury accurate to 1/2 micro-litre
  sand-blasting: glass etching using pressurised corundum
  diamond rotating disc cutting: cutting using a diamond impregnated disc.
  glass-metal welding: production of a glass chain to approach the coefficient of expansion of the metal used.
  vacuum hot-working: manufacture of calibrated tubes
  flat glass working: cutting, sand-blasting...
  silk-screen painting: logo, company name...
  inactinic glassware: amber glass, UV protection.
We make systematic quality control procedures (internal checks and/or state control procedures) throughout the entire production process of our products.
  thermometry: point-taking, control, calibration...

“Our team of glass-blowers draws upon its pool of expertise to carry all of your customised requests through to completion.”

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